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Text compare navigation issue

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  • Text compare navigation issue

    Build 445
    When full screen edit is on, you must use alt-> or alt<- to change between left/right panes. However, if you turn full screen edit off, then a simple left or right arrow will also change the panes. I think it would be more consistent if the edit pointer in the bottom two lines changed horizontally (just as in full edit mode) since clicking with mouse in a certain place sets that pointer and up/down changes the lines, but leaves the insertion pointer in the same position as the previous line.

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    Thanks, that's a reasonable suggestion. The reason that left/right arrows change panes in Line Mode is to be consistent with BC2's behavior. Line Mode is sort of the "act-like-BC2-did" mode.

    I'll give it some more thought.
    Tim T Scooter Software