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Text compare selection issue

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  • Tim
    We experimented with the selection vs. copy functionality quite a bit in the earlier beta releases. People want an easy way to pick specific lines out of a difference section to copy. We tried separate commands for Copy Selection and Copy Section, but that was too obscure. Requiring users to switch to Line Mode for certain functions was too awkward.

    Frankly, we're pretty happy with the current behavior. For me, the simplest and most intuitive model is that a selection limits the scope of a subsequent command. But I'm happy to hear the opinions of all of you who recently joined the beta group.

    Concerning your request to retain independent selections on each pane, we'll add that to our wishlist.

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  • kjsmithtx
    started a topic Text compare selection issue

    Text compare selection issue

    Build 445
    Selecting text that does not include then end of a line (full edit mode) continues to display and have active the copy difference section arrows. However, selection text that includes the end of line character (in full edit mode) or double clicking a line (in non full edit mode) causes the section copy arrows to disappear in the current pane. For me, this is undesireable behavior as I still want to be able to manipulate those sections even if I have something else selected. I think the selection should just become additional section.

    Also, when text is selected, if you navigate to the other pane either by clicking in the file name drop down or by using alt arrow, the selection is removed. I think it should remain selected and that I also should be able to have a different selection in each pane at the same time. (sometimes I select text just to draw attention to it, not to copy it.)