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Feature suggestion: Compare iso image to CD

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  • Feature suggestion: Compare iso image to CD

    I just had a case where my CD burning software broke down after making a CD (a DVD, actually). The source was an iso image, so I first just happily fired up Cirrus, and soon realized that no option (I suppose) was available to compare the contents of an iso file (or a zip/rar/whatever archive for that sake) to the contents of a CD/DVD (or a folder on the HDD for that sake).

    I the extracted the contents of the iso file to a folder on the HDD and did the compare to that. But unsuccessfully so, because the iso file was a Hybrid image containing both pc and mac versions so some pc files were overwritten by the mac files...

    So my suggestion is the option to do a compare between a iso/zip/rar/tar/etc archive/image to a folder or another iso... etc (e.g. comparing a zip file to an iso file).

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Expanding an .iso file the same way we expand zip and other archive files is on our wish list.
    Chris K Scooter Software