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  • Show command on toolbar logic

    What's the logic for when to allow 'Show command on toolbar' in the Customize Commands dialog?

    I had quick compare there in BC2.

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    Sorry, Compare Contents is what I was looking for ... it's there.

    So what is Quick Compare? I don't see it on the Actions menu.


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      Do you mean Compare Contents from BC2?

      Quick Compare allows for that pop-up, while Compare Contents actually runs the scan.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Do you have two files selected, or a file that has another file aligned with it (to trigger the Quick Compare option's visibility)?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          Quick Compare allows for that pop-up, while Compare Contents actually runs the scan.
          I thought a Quick Compare compared the contents of a folder with "Quick Test" rules while a "Compare Contents" used the extended "Compare Contents" rules (if defined under the session settings).
          But in build 445 I don't see the Quick Compare in the context menu when I select two opposing folders.
          Did something change, or am I mistaken about seeing a Quick Compare in a folder session in a prior build?
          Maybe it was just something that I suggested that has not been implemented???

          Edit: I guess I was fantasizing about what I thought would be a good implementation of a quick compare between folders. For whatever it's worth, I still think it is a good idea...a quick override for users with content compare criteria enabled in their session defaults...but that's another topic.
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          BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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            In BC2, Quick Compare refers to the optional dialog you get when starting BC with a pair of files (eg. opening files from Explorer).

            Cirrus has the same feature but also allows it as a command in Folder Compare sessions. It only applies to a pair of files. It has nothing to do with the Quick Test rules settings.
            Tim T Scooter Software


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              Now I understand/remember. I must have not had the correct selection earlier because I see it on the menu now.

              I never used this before but I see a particular value in it now. Comparing any two files in the folder view whose names are not the same.