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Feature Request - Command Line Enhancement

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  • Feature Request - Command Line Enhancement

    It seems that in the current BC release(2.5.2) when running from the command line, it must still request a window handle(I think). This is not the worst thing in the world until you want to kick off BC from a service you have running on a Windows Server. Without a valid user session on windows(being logged into the console), BC seems to fail to run from the service. Logging on and locking the console seems to solve the issue. I am making a guess here that it is because services are not allowed to initiate apps that need a window handle without a user session on the server.

    Anyhow, adding the ability to run BC from a windows service as a command line util would be a welcome enhancement for us in the new Cirrus release(or in BC2 if you are so inclined)


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    So long as you're only running BC scripts, Cirrus and BC2 should both detect that they're running non-interactively and suppress their user interfaces. Cirrus is more consistent about it than BC2 is. The detection method I use works correctly for scheduled tasks; I haven't tested it with any other type of service. You can use the /silent command line switch to forcibly trigger the same behavior. Let me know if /silent works and I'll see if I can tweak the auto-detection.
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