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256 colour mode support

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  • 256 colour mode support

    I spend most of my computer time logged into my work PC over Remote Desktop Connection, which only supports 256 colours; and when I first ran BC3 over RDC, I got a warning about the limited 256 colour support.

    The first time I open a new file view, it shows the colour approximation Windows uses in 256 colour mode, as shown in the first screenshot. If I switch to another application, then switch back to BC3, it loads the correct palette, as shown in the second screenshot.

    Would it be possible for it to either (i) explicitly load the palette in 256 colour mode, when opening a new view, or (ii) provide a basic 256 colour option, without any of the fancy stuff?

    I like BC3, especially the in-place editing ... and after a day of playing with it, I'd really hate to go back to version 2 for development!

    Many thanks,

    Huw Walters