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Can't save a Folder Sync session

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  • Can't save a Folder Sync session


    The short of it: I can't save a Folder Sync session.

    The long of it:
    1. I just opened one of my folder compares and went to the Session menu and selected Sync Base Folders In New View (which works just fine).
    2. Then I saved the sync session to a subfolder and it showed up on the Saved sessions screen.
    3. Then I quit BC3 and reopened it and it was no longer there.
    4. It is saved under auto saved though.
    5. I reopened the auto saved one and tried re-saving it--same results as above.

    I also manually created a folder sync session and saved it. The save "stuck", but the path names were empty!

    I am using build 456.

    Anything else you need to know?


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    OK, I have an update to narrow down the issue here.

    My problem was I tried saving the sync session with the same name as one of my folder compare sessions. BC3 let me do this without complaining, but, of course, when I reopened BC3, the new session was gone.

    It might be helpful to disallow someone from saving a session with the same name as an existing one.

    When I tried it again today, I gave it a different name and it worked.



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      Thanks for narrowing that down! We'll try to get this fixed for the next release.
      Tim T Scooter Software