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Upgrading from BC2 without rebooting?

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  • Upgrading from BC2 without rebooting?

    Here's a good question that I'd like answered. Since BC3 is several weeks away (can't come soon enough, though) my question involves the upgrade path. I currently have BC2 set with the Explorer integration option. Should I disable this integration prior to installing the BC3 upgrade so I won't be prompted to reboot the computer? Or will I be prompted to reboot the computer regardless? I'm using Windows XP Service pack 2. Thanks in advance.

    Quick question about zip this official? Or is this an "unofficial" feature in BC3? I'm asking because BC2 has a throwaway line about being able to convert files into zip archives using the "Copy Folder" feature. You should have taken the better step of integrating 7z (better compression) instead.

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    This is also BC2-3 upgrade-related, so to avoid creating a profusion of topics: the BC3 beta installer doesn't seem to clean out older version info from the registry. Will this be implemented before it goes final?


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      Thanks for posting that screenshot. Yeah...I think we should be concerned about the upgrade path to this BC3. If they don't do this...then we're in trouble. We'll have bits and pieces lying all around. I sincerely hope they do build an installation package that does a clean upgrade over the older version.

      I wanted to test the beta for BC3 but I was afraid what would happen if I had the beta on my computer and registry and downloaded the "real" one once it's officially released. What happens then? The real install might fail to load since the beta expires and it might not read the registry correctly. So I only have BC2 on my pc right now.


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        No worries, Dorothy -- over the last decade or so that I've used BC and helped with testing, I've found the Scooter folks to be very detail-oriented, with an eye toward keeping it a quality product. Even if something were to mess up during upgrading to the release version (unlikely because of a most lengthy testing cycle), I'm sure they'd respond quickly with a fix.

        For what it's worth, Scooter waited a good while before making the BC3 beta public to ensure that people wouldn't have any major problems to deal with. The redundant add/remove entries don't affect program operation, in case that helps you feel any better -- it's actually a fairly trivial issue.


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          If the BC3 beta expires, it will not affect your BC2 installation. BC3 does not install over the top of BC2. BC2 and BC3 Beta are completely independent -- most people trying the beta want to keep BC2 installed as well. You can even have both shell extensions installed if you want, although BC3's shell extension in the full release will probably displace BC2's.
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