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    In BC2, I have the SyncL, SyncR and Custom Sync buttons on the toolbar. In BC3 cannot find a way to add the Sync buttons to the toolbar. Has the Sync functionality been replaced with other processses? If not, I would like to add sync buttons to the toolbar.

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    Folder Sync is now it's own session type. While we still offer "Sync" commands in the Folder Compare, they now work on the selection, rather than the entirety of the folders.

    You can launch a Folder Sync from a Folder Compare by going to the session menu, and then picking "Sync Base Folders in New View"

    If you do want to add the new Sync buttons back on the toolbar, go to the Tools menu ->Cusotmize commands. Then search out the commands (such as Update Left), and then check the box "Show command on toolbar". Again, these will now work only on the current selection, similar to a smart copy. For full synchronization, you will probably want to use the Folder Sync session.
    Aaron P Scooter Software