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Request option: minimize to tray

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  • Request option: minimize to tray

    Request option: minimize to tray
    Helpful for keeping the taskbar uncluttered.
    There are 3rd party utilities which do this, but nice to have the option built-in.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Do you find yourself often leaving BC open while it is performing a large task/sync and just need to get it out of the way? Or is it normally idle in those situations. Just curious about our user(s) habits.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      A little of both. Sometimes I'm doing a huge sync and want BC out of the way; more often, I'm through comparing for now but expect to be making some changes soon which I'll want to sync or compare without the bother of reloading the program. I don't leave BC open just to have it nearby... if I'm actually through with a session for the foreseeable future, I'll close it, since I can reopen it in a jiffy with Auto Hot Key.

      One more thing: if BC is minimized to tray, I'll want my BC hotkey to open the existing instance, not create a new one. To that end, didn't there used to be a "one instance only" option? Has that disappeared or am I just not finding it?


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        I do generally have BC open, and subsequent compares are done in the active session.

        Minimising to tray would be handy for me.


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          I'd like a minimize-to-tray feature also.

          My usage habits are about the same as jdmarch's, except that I don't use a hotkey.

          I sometimes have a couple of instances of BC open at a time. But that's only because it's usually easier to start a new comparison using the context menu functions than to do it via a new tab in the existing instance. If the context menu functions added a tab in the existing instance of BC, I would have no need for multiple instances.

          P.S. I mostly use GNU/Linux, so please don't make this a Windows-only feature.


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            You can have new compares from the shell extension open in a tab in an existing window. In BC3, select Tools|Options. Go to the Tabs section. Make sure "Open sessions in" is set to "A new tab".
            Chris K Scooter Software


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              Chris, that works in the Windows version, but not the Linux one. I've reported that with a separate post in the Linux forum:
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