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BComp cmd translates I:Foo => I:\Foo

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  • BComp cmd translates I:Foo => I:\Foo

    When I use call below from cmd prompt BC3 seems to convert I:Bar.txt into I:\Bar.txt:
    BComp C:\Foo.txt I:Bar.txt
    although if I use complete path instead they are resolved correctly:
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe" C:\Foo.txt I:Bar.txt

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    Let me guess... you want BC3 to preserve the current path on D: (if set) like a DOS/Windows command line environment. That would only make sense if running BC3 from a command line since Windows interprets I:Bar.txt as I:\Bar.txt as well (try it in the the run box with Notepad).
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      The original poster said he invoked BC3 from the cmd prompt.

      BC2 handles the DRIVE:RELATIVE_PATH format correctly (it respects the current directory setting on each drive) when it is invoked from a command prompt, so I would expect the same behaviour from BC3.

      I frequently use BC2 in this mode, though usually comparing two relative paths on the current drive rather than specifying a drive letter.


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        I can't repeat what you're seeing. I:Bar.txt is supposed to expand to <CurrentDir on I:>\Bar.txt, and that's what I get when I use it. Fully qualifying the exe path shouldn't change anything one way or the other. Which OS are you using? is bcomp in your path? Does using "bcomp.exe" or "bcompare.exe" instead of just "bcomp" change things? Are you actually typing that in, or running it from a batch file? Are you on C:, I:, or something else when you try it?
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          For instance, I having done the following:
          C:>subst I: C:\
          C:>subst J: C:\
          C:>CD I:\TEMP
          C:>CD C:\Temp
          And then I run
          A) J:\>BCOMP.exe C:Foo.txt I:Bar.txt
          (Same behavior with and BCompare.exe)

          I just noted that this only translates incorrect if BCompare.exe is already running, e.g. having the "Home - Beyond Compare" open and then executing the above.
          If I close the already running BCompare.exe, it works properly (i.e. opens C:\Temp\Foo.txt and not C:\Foo.txt).

          I'm using Vista x64, BComp is in my path (user path), I'm typing it in, I'm at J: on the above example.


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            Originally posted by GreenMoose View Post
            I just noted that this only translates incorrect if BCompare.exe is already running
            In that case I know what's going on. We'll try to get it fixed soon.
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