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  • Avoid status bar hints

    BC 3 is really great. Thanks for this huge improvement.

    I have one comment, though:
    BC 3 UI concept of explaining what a toolbar button do in the status bar is very problematic. First of all, users are used to get this infromation in a tooltip next to the button itself, and not look for it in the status bar. But more important, the status bar shows important information, like the number of changes (in text compare) and this "tooltip-in-status-bar" display hide this information. For instance, in several occasions, when I moved my mouse to the "Next difference" button, I wanted to recall how much differences the files have, but this was hidden with he explanation of what this toolbar button do. I think this is really not needed.

    The funny thing is, you can cancel the tooltips for toolbar buttons (in the Interface frame of the General section in the Options dialog), eventhought the tooltips are much less disturbing, but you cannot cancel the "explanation-in-status-bar" which is more annoying - at least I couldn't find a way to cancel it.

    Thanks again for a great product,

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    Thanks for your feedback. I'll consider a tweak that suppresses the statusbar hints.
    Tim T Scooter Software