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Corrupted file when copying file to server

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  • Corrupted file when copying file to server

    Using Vista and Build 458 of BC3. I'm comparing contents of folders on Vista machine and remote Linux server. I find several files that need to be updated from Vista to server. I right click and select Copy to Right from context menu. Once copy completes, BC3 still shows files as unequal, so I double-click to see what differences remain. Some lines are now incomplete on the server.

    Example 1:
    <th spry:sort="topic3">T3</th>


    Example 2:
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    <div class=

    I believe this has also happened with the prior build of BC3.

    Any ideas?

    (BC2 works just fine.)

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    Hi jalperin!

    How do you transfer the files to the linux machine?
    Samba, FTP, SFTP, or ... ?



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        In your profile for that server (or the <default> one if you haven't created an explicit one), try changing the "Transfer Type" option on the "Transfer" tab from "Auto" to "Binary". Older versions of the SFTP spec (what most servers implement) don't support ASCII transfers. We updated our SFTP library in 457 and I know I saw something about it faking ASCII support on those older servers.

        If there's a specific file that it's repeatedly failing on and you can share it with us please send it to [email protected] so we can get this fixed properly.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Thanks, Craig. That seems to be the problem. (It wasn't limited to any specific file.) Seems like there needs to be a way to address this which doesn't rely on users knowing to change the type to binary from Auto. It did seem to be working until very recently, so maybe you're right about it being introduced at the build before the current one.


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            Well yeah, the way to address this will be to fix the bug. I can repeat this here, and it's serious enough that it'll be a priority fix for the next release.
            Zoë P Scooter Software


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              We've just released build 459 with a workaround for the bug. On SFTP v3 servers (eg, OpenSSH) it will now always use binary transfers, just like it did in build 456 and prior. Once we get a proper fix we'll re-enable ASCII transfers for those servers. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
              Zoë P Scooter Software


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                Today's release, build 462, has ASCII transfers re-enabled for SFTP-3 servers. If you haven't done so yet, feel free to change the transfer type back to "Auto".
                Zoë P Scooter Software