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Can't add certain toolbar/menu buttons

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  • Can't add certain toolbar/menu buttons

    BC3 459
    WinXP Pro SP3

    When I select "Customize Commands..." from the toolbar's context menu, then look at the "Copy To Left" and "Copy To Right" items, they each have the "Show command on toolbar" option checked. Yet neither command appears on the toolbar. No amount of fooling around with the aforementioned settings makes those toolbar buttons appear.

    The same is true of the "Show command in menu" options for those buttons. They're checked, but the commands don't appear anywhere.

    I'm guessing the same is true of other commands/buttons but I have not had time to check.

    While I'm at it, I'd like to request that the Exit icon be made so that it can be added to the toolbar, as in BC2...
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    Folder Compare:
    "Copy To Left/Right/Other Side" will show on the "Actions" menu and toolbar (also "Move To Left/Right/Other Side").

    Text Compare:
    "Copy To Left/Right" will show on the "Edit" menu and toolbar.

    Unlike other commands, "Copy To Left" and "Copy To Right" are never shown at the same time. They fill the same slot on the toolbar. Which one shows depends on the selection. In the Folder Compare, "Copy To Other Side" (a two-headed arrow) will show when both sides are selected which will show a dialog for you to choose the direction.
    Erik Scooter Software


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      I'm pretty sure I'm just stupid, but when doing a folder compare in BC2 I always just hit "Sync to right", but with BC3, I seem to have to first select all and then do "Mirror to right". Am I missing something?
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        Syncing has changed in Beyond Compare 3.

        In the Folder Compare, the Actions > Synchronize commands operate on the currently selected files and folders. To synchronize everything without selecting files, use the Folder Sync session.

        You can open a Folder Sync session from the Folder Compare using the Session > Sync Base Folders in New View command.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Thank you. I had not tried the "Folder Sync" feature. I'm not sure I'll continue using it. I can hardly change anything on the toolbars (not even a "Full Refresh" button), there's a huge amount of vertical space wasted unnecessarily, leaving far less space for the comparison results than there could be, and I have no "Preview" button as shown in the CHM file.


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            Clicking the "Accept" button will preview the list of files and folders to be synced.
            Chris K Scooter Software


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              But when I open a Sync through a saved session (which is how I always do it), the Accept button is never enabled.


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                Since Sync (as we were accustomed to in BC2) took fewer steps, how about allowing Sync Base Folders in New View on the toolbar? It's already got an icon.