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    I'd like to see the ability to zip up either side or both diffs with paths. The reason for this is simple. I often work remotely, and it'd be nice if I could just pass the files I'm changing back and forth to my remote desktop, and unzip it on the other side.

    To restate it more clearly, I'd like to be able to select files on either side, and send them to a zip file so that when I unzip them on the other side, they would get placed into the correct folder, since they would be zipped with the entire path.

    I just cannot see an easy way to do it on V2.

    I'm using version 2, and I was hoping to see something like this in V3.

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    Hi Ron,

    In V2 you can use the "Copy to Folder" command and if the path you target ends in .zip it will automatically create the zip file and add the files to it. It isn't in v3 yet but will be before the final release.
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      wow. it was there the whole time!!!
      i guess rtfm applies here (lol)