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Suggestion: Add'l File Formats Retrieval/Installation

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  • Suggestion: Add'l File Formats Retrieval/Installation

    Importable Formats Which Require Helpers -

    Is there a reason that the same installation procedure as is used with the "SIMPLE IMPORTABLE FOMATS" area can't be implemented for this latter category of downloads?

    Allowing a user to check the modules required, creating a single .xml setup file with the accompanying "helpers" in a single compressed .zip file would certainly be more efficient for your subscribers.

    Another option - why not incorporate the modules as they are made available in the application, and in subsequent upgrades as issued, allowing the user to select individual components as required versus the process currently being utilized?

    Thanks -

    - James

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    "Importable Formats Which Require Helpers" should be simple to import individually.
    Just click "Download" and open with Beyond Compare. This will work for Firefox and Opera now, but we'll have to look into making it work for Internet Explorer. The workaround is to save, manually fix the extension to be "bcpkg", and double click on the saved file to import.

    We hope to improve downloading multiple formats at the same time but there are some technical challenges.
    Erik Scooter Software