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bug: build 461- Find dlg/application focus

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  • bug: build 461- Find dlg/application focus

    I found that if you are in a diff window using find (find dlg) and then ALT + TAB to another application, and ALT+TAB again to BC3, only the find dlg is grough back to the front, the rest of BC3 remains behind the other application. Same thing if you try the task bar.
    The only way to get the rest of the application back, is to close the find dlg and then switch back to BC3.
    Is the find dlg missing a parent window?

    I'm using XP Pro SP2.

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    Hello Marcelo,

    I haven't been able to duplicate this problem. Do you have any task switching applications installed on your computer?

    When I use Alt-Tab, it brings up the find window and the text compare window as well.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I'm using the 462 optimized build.
      I have WindowsBlinds 6.0, and ObjectDock 1.90 Plus
      It does not happen with BC2.
      With a little more research I found that WindowBlinds is not the culprit (it happens even when WB is disabled), but there is some kind of interaction with ObjectDock. It does not matter how I switch the focus away from BC3, but to get it back properly the only way to do it is using the ObjectDock task bar.
      Again, it does not happen with BC2. and it may have to do with 2 things:
      1) How the dialog is crated, and
      2) the development framework (like VC6 vs .NET)
      BTW what are BC2 and BC3 written in?


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        BC is written in Delphi.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761