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  • Keyboard operation

    There are files in the left pane and files in the right pane. None of the files names match exactly, so none of the file names are lined up. See the picture called "Start"

    If you highlight the top two files and then delete the file on the left (Delete R Enter), the cursor focus drops to the file on the right and it is still highlighted. This operation is correct. It does not matter which order you highlight the top two files, the behavior is the same. See the picture called "Delete Top File".

    From this position, hold the shift key and press Down Arrow to highlight the right file and the lower file on the left. Now when you delete the file on the left (Delete R Enter), the keyboard focus moves to the next file below and the right file is still highlighted. See the picture called "Delete Bottom File". See the outline around the left file called Joe Tex - You Said A Bad Word.

    I think the highlight and the keyboard focus should work the same as it does when you delete the top file. Highlight and focus should both be on the Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Daisy Mae song.

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    Thanks for the feedback. A simple case like this makes it seem like an obvious enhancement, but with disjointed selections and more files involved the issue can be quite a bit more complex. The current rule is that if the active item is removed the next item becomes active, effectily keeping the focus rect at the same place vertically. If the last selected item is removed the active item becomes selected. I think that's about as straightforward and predictible as we can make it; anything else is just as likely to get other cases wrong.
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      Yes, I understand, Thanks