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Shared Sessions: anyone remember filesync?

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  • Shared Sessions: anyone remember filesync?

    Hi, I used to use filesync and winmerge before BC. I must say BC is 1000 times better than those! However... Filesync had a great feature of being able to store sessions as files. That way I could store all my sessions related to a particular web site in with all the other files for the site. If the new bc could use this also, I could load up sessions as a file - choose the one i want using explorer. Once in BC, the session manager could simply point at a list of files and folders on a drive, each containing several saved sessions. This way i could reorganise and share the sessions with coworkers by simply moving the files around on a network drive. If one is in use, another user can have a readonly version of that file, or unlock it if needed.

    As an aside, the current bc session manager should have a word filter like vista explorer has - i've got hundreds of sessions i need to search for and reorganise - much easier with a filter.

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    These are both good ideas. I've added them to our Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software