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    I would like to be able to select a section of text and rather than mark as ignore, mark as a token such as server name, file name, current date, or custom.

    I have web.config files that sometimes only differ by the name of the machine that they are on or a production versus test data server. I deploy from my developer machine to a build machine, then to test, then to two production machines. I need to quickly test the web.config to make certain the correct application servers are pointing at the correct data servers etc.

    With BC2, I just got used to remembering which two lines were always different.

    Thanks, Richard

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    Are you familiar with BC3's replacements feature? As an example, you can say the text "foo" in the left file is replaced with "bar" in the right file.

    To configure a replacement, select Session > Session Settings and go to the Replacements tab.
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