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    I like BC2 much... and now Install BC3 because BC2 have one (only one !!!!) problem, don't exist "Move to folder", only "Copy to folder" in context menu neither button in toolbar.

    I am very happy when I see "Move folder" in BC3 and i beleave that BC3 is a perfect program(if is possible !!)

    Buit... always have but...

    I don't customizing toolbar with same facility that BC2, and more important to me, I don't move a session panel to first line of toolbar (next menu options). This line(first) don't possible put others itens with BC2, free space for more buttons in line 2. See attachments
    It's a new design ? or you forgot permit put itens(session por exemple) in line one of toolbar ?

    New desired is very beatiful, and "Move folder" is bether !!!

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    Not allowing toolbars on the same line as the menus is part of the new design and is related to the fact that multiple viewers can be open on tabs within a single window. When the tabs are visible they're between the menu and the toolbars, and switching between tabs hides the toolbars but not the menu. We also feel that not allowing the toolbars on the line with the menus more closely matches other Windows applications, and not allowing the menu to be moved or dragged off the window simplifies things and keeps it from getting confusing for less experienced customers.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      other applications

      Well, if you sad "matches other Windows applications"... but in very important programas with "internet explorer" and "Mozzila firefox" I can put first line menu.. (see attachment)

      To me, its very important, that open more space to button in second line menu.
      But if not possible !!! (well... Perfect not exist really !!!)

      Best regards.


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        The primary reason is the first I mentioned, which is that it doesn't work with the way that we've implemented tabs. Neither Internet Explorer or FireFox have to deal with that since the toolbars don't change when you switch between their tabs. We appreciate your feedback, but this particular issue probably won't change.
        Zoë P Scooter Software