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    The structure of the "Show X" toolbar buttons has always seemed a little odd. In beta of 3, there are 3 buttons on the toolbar that I think could be combined into one drop-down button: Show All, Show Differences, and Show Same. A single drop-down would offer a simplified toolbar structure for features that represent a choice among various alternatives. It also would save toolbar space for commands of greater frequency of use.

    Extending this into a philosophy, I'd say that there should be a hierarchy of buttons according to frequency of use: (1) most used commands get a button of their own; (2) moderately used commands should be logically grouped into (as few as possible) drop-down buttons; and (3) seldom used commands should be relegated to the menu system. Much of the existing interface is consistent with this general approach.

    Thanks for your consideration and good work! - Bill

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    Thanks for the input, wcmead.

    The Show Differences button is actually already a dropdown that contains various ways to show differences. If you do not like to see as many buttons here, you can go to Customize Commands under the Tools menu. Here you can switch between 3 different display filter organizations, and turn off individual commands. You can also bind them to Keyboard shortcuts here, or use them via the View menu.

    Do any of these solutions help organize the toolbar more to your liking?
    Aaron P Scooter Software