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Add folders outside the current to syncronize

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  • Add folders outside the current to syncronize

    I have the following qustion/suggestion:

    When I compare 2 Folders for my project, it would be very nice if I could add any folders outside these two to the current session.

    The main parts for syncronisation are in the "normal" folders, but some data lies outside this, and it would be very helpful if I can sync the whole data at one.

    For now I have to use 2 different sessions for this operation.
    Is or would this be possible in die new BC3.0 version?

    Hans Juergen

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    An n-way (multiple) folder compare is planned for BC3. I am guessing that it won't make it into the initial release, but it will likely be implemented in a future 3.x version.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      If the folders are on the same drive, you can go to the lowest parent of both and use Folder Filters to show only the folders you want to use.

      You can also use Workspaces in BC3 to store multiple sessions open as individual tabs. Opening the single Workspace would then open all of the tabs.
      Aaron P Scooter Software