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  • Update blocked by -- update?

    This interesting situation occurred to me today:

    I had use the WExplorer extensions to compare 2 .xls files. The "new version available" flag appeared in the upper right corner, so I clicked it, went ahead with the download, and clicked install.

    The install was blocked because it found BC3 running -- the BC3 instance that invoked it!

    Retry did not help. Hitting cancel made the dialog go away, but the BC3 process continued indefinitely, until I did a KILL on it.

    This could be old news about the version I was coming *from* (likely 080620), but I've attached a screen shot of the warning and the process explorer display associated with it.

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    Thanks for reporting the problem. I just reproduced this error on my own computer. We'll work to get this fixed.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I did some more testing and this should actually be fixed in more recent versions. The installer has changed in the last few versions.

      Build 459 auto update to build 463 gives this error.

      Build 462 auto updated to build 463 does not give the error.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        That sounds good to me! Thanks for checking.