I like the new Tabbed interface and the new Workspaces feature is something that is totally useful for me.

But, loading my sessions in parallel hurts my hard drive and slows down the overall comparison significantly. If the sessions were loaded sequentially, like when I open them by hand, one after another, the comparison is done faster. plus my computer would have some capacity left to let me read e-mails during comparison, which it doesn't have when loading my Workspace (sessions in parallel).

My typical Workspace consists of 3 Folder Sessions, comparing ~6.000 files on each side in a Subversion workdir env (16.200 files, 6.500 folders when counting excluded .svn folders). I usually start these 3 Sessions once a day and then make use of the nice fast refresh feature.

As it really depends on the workspace, whether loading things in parallel result in an issue or not, I would suggest to have an option "load all at once" as an per Workspace setting. But, a global option in the Tweaks Dialog would also be very much appreciated!