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Crashes on 64-bit Vista

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  • Crashes on 64-bit Vista

    I have been using BC3 to transfer some files from an XP system to a new Vista machine, running it on the target machine. Twice when copying over a large file (of the order of 100MB) Vista has crashed. Screen suddenly goes black, no mouse or key action, but the machine remains powered on. I have had no problems copying over similar and larger files using Explorer, or with running any other application (but I have not installed many yet).

    Now I know it is a new machine, and it might be flaky, but BC3 is a new application also, and it might be flaky also. So I thought I should mention this in case it is a BC3 or Beta 'feature'.

    Since there is not much on the new machine yet, I would be willing to try exercising it with the debug release of BC3 if you thought that would be interesting.

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    Thanks for reporting the problem. Our lead developer uses 64-bit Vista and hasn't had any crashes from transferring files from network drives.

    Do you get the same crash if you try copying the files using Beyond Compare 2?

    Do you have the latest Windows updates and software drivers installed for your computer? If a crash is bringing down the entire computer instead of just the application, it might be driver related.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The crash is not repeatable. It is just that it has happened twice while the only active operation was a large file transfer. A different file was being copied the second time. I have not installed BC2 on the Vista system.

      It's a new HP/Compaq machine (installed yesterday) and all available updates have been installed, except Vista SP1 which has just been offered in the last couple of minutes. I will probably go ahead and install that because there is not a huge amount to lose if I have to revert.

      I will let you know if it happens again, either with or without BC3 running!
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        If you have the machine I'm guessing you do, make sure you have the latest raid controller driver from intel. I had similar problems with perforce.


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          No, it's a machine with an AMD CPU and has no RAID. Now at SP1 and copied over 3GB today without incident (but fatal to say that!).


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            Vista network lockups

            This might be a problem with the SMB2 protocol in Vista. I used to get random network lockups when using mapped drives between Vista and XP until I disabled the SMB2 protocol in Vista by creating a DWORD value named SMB2 with a value of 0 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\LanmanServer\Parameters. See for more info.

            Please note I have not tried this since Vista SP1 was released; I have since upgraded the ailing Vista machine to Windows XP Therefore, try this solution at your own risk.

            Kevin Sikes


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              I would guess it's a driver/kernel level problem. It's pretty hard(read almost impossible) for a Desktop application to crash the OS (Beyond Compare does not install any kernel level stuff).

              I would look at the network driver being flakey, as the problem occurs during file transfers over a network.

              It's entirely possible that Vista SP1 fixes it.... (~3000+ bug fixes in there alone!!!)