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Build 463: UI is not well responding while background compare is running

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  • Build 463: UI is not well responding while background compare is running

    I have some problems comparing large directory structures using rule-based comparison. I my case there are about ~6.000 files on each side in a Subversion workdir env (16.200 files, 6.500 folders when counting excluded .svn folders). When the background scanning/comparing begins, I can not click any icon on the toolbars because the UI hangs for a while... I can't even click the stop button.

    BC2 had no issues with that. I've used BC2 for several years now and I have never problems with hanging UIs... even on stale NFS mounts, the UI of BC2 was always accessible.

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    This will be fixed in the next release.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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        The release version on my box does the same thing.. BC3 is currently unusable because of the nonresponsiveness. I've tried different settings as I am able with no avail. Going back to BC2 until this is resolved.
        Left side = 4209 files, 316 folders, right side = 21272 files, 1211 folders.
        On Win XP SP2, where most of the files on left and right side are hardlinks.

        EDIT: After fiddling a little more, I found that once I got rid of source control associations, the folder compares are working with good response. What I don't understand is why folder compare is trying to connect to my source control when I didn't ask for version compares.
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          What version control system were you using with BC3?

          Also, when you associate a folder with version control, BC3 checks for status information (checked-in, checked-out, etc) every time you load a folder.
          Chris K Scooter Software