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BC3 already running during update

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  • BC3 already running during update

    A minor timing issue. I updated from within BC3 and got the message that BC3 was still running. I had watched the update process close BC3 for me shortly after the download had completed. I guess the install process got a peek at the process list just before it disappeared. Knowing it was not running, I just clicked OK and let the update complete. Imposing a few second delay would not be fair to those that have speedy machines, but perhaps a few retries before popping up that dialog might help.

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    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for reporting the problem. This might also be due to an installer change. There was a repeatable auto-update problem updating from build 459 to 463 (see forum post It might be better updating to more recent versions.

    Did you have any auto-update trouble updating to the official BC 3.0 release?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I won't know for a bit. I didn't reboot after the last update so I can't install any more updates.


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        I have seen this problem too, even in the final build. I see it when I have the "Programs Updates And News" dialog open, and the installer is trying to close BC.

        It's usually open because I wanted a link to the Changelog, so the easiest thing was to reopen it, and click the link.


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          Thanks for describing the problem.

          If I click the "Click here to update" link in BC3 to update, it closes the "Program Updates and News" dialog and I don't get the error message.

          If I reopen the "Program Updates and News" dialog while the update is downloading, I do get the "Setup has detected that Beyond Compare 3 is currently running" message and I have to manually close BC3 before I can update.
          Chris K Scooter Software