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Importing BC2 Keyboard Shortcuts into BC3

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  • Importing BC2 Keyboard Shortcuts into BC3

    I upgraded to BC3 (correct reference???) and wanted to import all of my BC2 settings, including keyboard shortcuts. I had done quite a bit of customizations on BC2.

    I have BC2 (version 2.5 build 250), and I launched BC2 and exported "Everything" , including all sessions and all rules. After installing BC3, I requested that it import my previous settings, and pointed it to my "BC" previously created.

    But, for some reason, those shortcuts did not get imported. And, looking at the Prefs.xml file, I don't see any indication of these shortcuts.

    Is there anyway to import my old keyboard shortcuts? Or, do I have to 'manually' examine my old setup and re-enter all keyboard shortcuts?

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    Sorry, keyboard shortcuts are among the BC2 settings that the import doesn't support.
    Erik Scooter Software