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    In Folder Compare, I see context menu item "Compare In New View" which seems to be the equivalent of "Set as Base Folders in New Tab". Is it intended that Tabs = Views or have I missed a subtlety?

    Also, could a "Duplicate Tab" be added to the tab's context menu, which uses the current base folders as the starting point? (Base folder history doesn't need to carry along to duplicated tab)

    Thanks -

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    A new "View" is equivalent to a new "session". Whether it opens in a tab or in a new window depends on how you have BC3 configured. Look at the settings under Tools \ Options \ Tabs for more information.
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      We're considering a "Duplicate Tab" command. At least one other person has requested it.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Originally posted by Craig
        We're considering a "Duplicate Tab" command. At least one other person has requested it.
        Even I was looking for it, Thanks!


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          Originally posted by anjan_oleti
          Even I was looking for it, Thanks!
          Likewise as well.
          When comparing source trees where I have not done a folder comparison, it would be nice (in fact, really useful) to be able to duplicate the tab and just change the filename.

          Currently I have to cut and paste the folder names on each side, then change the filename. Somewhat of a pain.


          PS: Have been a licensed user for a number of years.


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            In fact, the lack of a "duplicate tab" feature could be somewhat mitigated if you added a new tab to the "today" history immediately, instead of only when the new tab is closed.


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              Thanks for the feedback. I'll add these notes to the wishlist entry.

              In the meantime, would it be easier to use the Session menu -> Save Session As, then save it to a "temp" folder? You can then clean out this folder periodically.
              Aaron P Scooter Software