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Bcomp doesn't always block.

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  • Bcomp doesn't always block.

    I've read about every thread discussing bcomp versus bcomp.exe versus bcompare and /solo etc. I've found that in some instances if I set my P4DIFF variable to something like:


    With bc3diff.cmd containing:

    @echo off
    REM Perforce order (according to:
    REM %1 = base
    REM %2 = theirs
    REM %3 = yours
    REM %4 = merge
    REM Beyond compare 3 order (according to help: <left>, <right> <center=base>, <output> /automerge
    REM <left = %2 = theirs>
    REM <right = %3 = yours>
    REM <center = %1 = base>
    REM <output = %4 = merge>
    REM Need to do %1 %2, because perforce will include "left-file right-file | %PAGER%"
    %programfiles%\beyond~2\bcomp %1 %2
    that bcomp will block the *first* diff. But if I hit CTRL+F4 relatively quickly to shutdown the tab that the following diffs will only contain the the local file (right hand file) and exclude the Perforce version of the file (left hand file).

    So effectively I get X-1 open perforce files simultaneously spawning in Beyond Compare 3 because it lost the .tmp file that Perforce generated, because it didn't block.

    Is this a known bug? It's really annoying that I can literally sit in the same directory and type:

    p4 diff ...

    and in some instances have beyond compare behave exactly as it's supposed to, but then a minute later type the same thing, over the same files:

    p4 diff ...

    And because I close the TAB too quickly it flies through the rest of the items in the diff list losing the tmps.

    Please fix this ...