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    Any chance to get BC running on a U3-stick?

    BTW, I tried searching the forum for U3, but that search doesn't work, because the term "U3" is too short. Maybe you have a chance to adjust the search somewhere to allow for this? (I know a dev using vBulleting who enabled some of the "short searches" in his forum, so I think it is possible. But I don't know if he tweaked the software or if there is a config somewhere).
    Or maybe you can at least make this topic sticky?



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    Hi Michael,

    Sorry, we don't have instructions for using BC3 on a U3-stick yet.

    We do have instructions for running BC3 from a USB drive without using U3. The instructions are at:

    Also, if you have trouble with the built in VBulletin search, you can use Google to search our discussion forums. Use the "site:" option to limit the search to a specific web site, such as "site: u3" to search for the word u3 in our forums.
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    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris, that's fine and now I know why I had this nagging feelling of 'having seen something somewhere' wrt to BC & memory-stick before