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Persistent Folder Compare report settings

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  • Persistent Folder Compare report settings

    I have been using beyond compare since 2000. I presently use both BC2 and BC3. There is one pet peeve that I would like to see corrected at some point. Every time I go to generate a folder comparison report, I have to always uncheck the "Size" and "Modified" Columns fields to generate a "Summary List" in plain text of just filenames. The software remembers that I want a plain text summary list of differences, but it doesn't remember that I deselected all of the "columns" fields. I was hoping this would have been taken care of in BC3, but the behavior is still the same. I have to uncheck these fields every time I generate a folder comparison report.



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    The columns checked in the report dialog are based on the columns displayed in the Folder Compare. If "Modified" is displayed in the Folder Compare, then it will be checked to be included in the report. If you turn off display of the modified column in the Folder Compare, it will be unchecked in the Folder Compare Report dialog.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I want to see the size and modified columns in my folder compare but don't want either of them in the compare report. Is it possible to make the comparison report options independent of what is being displayed in the folder compare display?


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        Just make sure only columns you want in the Folder Compare report are checked.
        Erik Scooter Software