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How to set a default encoding for File View

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  • How to set a default encoding for File View

    It is great that BC3 support Unicode, but there seems to be a missing functionality in BC 3.0.2 . When an file is opened in File View, BC always use Western European as file encoding, which is not good. For a non-English country user, he always has to manually change the encoding to "his own default" every time he views an MBCS file, -- it is quite inconvenient. So there should be a way to let the user determine what should be the *default* encoding for him.

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    By default, file encodings are detected. In your case, the detection is failing. To change the default encoding in 3.0.2:
    1. Select Tools -> File Formats....
    2. Click on the appropriate one (C,C++,C# Source in your case) and switch to the "Conversion" tab.
    3. In the "Miscellaneous" group, change "Encoding" appropriately.
    4. Click "Save".
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      Thank you. That's just what I'm seeking. But isn't it better to make ANSI(actually system locale based on Windows) the default when encoding auto-detection fails -- just like notepad.exe opens a file in ANSI encoding by default. I think most users like this, especially for non-English version Windows users.
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        The auto-detection doesn't "fail". It's a heuristic with weights for the various encodings and we just use the one that it thinks is best. There's never a time where doesn't return something, even if it isn't very good. I agree that it should weight the system's codepage higher, but it's a function provided by Microsoft, so we can't tweak its behavior.
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