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Feature Request: Txt / Binary search of files in folder

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  • Feature Request: Txt / Binary search of files in folder

    There are several utilities that do a poor job of searching for text inside a folder.
    (windows search, grep)

    Beyond Compare, clearly has the ability to search for text and compare it, but I cannot locate a feature to search for text / binary in files of a folder.

    For example:
    Recently I ran a comparison of about 100 files and discovered 1 keyword had been altered.. in a file, lets call it "This_Variable".

    Now, I wanted to look for all instance of "This_Variable" in the 100 files I search to look for how it was being used.

    But, there is no obvious way to do this, without say using windows search, which, seems a waste when Beyond Compare is MUCH faster.

    Is there a feature to do this? If not, would love to see it added in.



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    Hear, Hear!! I enthusiastically second the motion!!
    All in favor?


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      Thanks for the suggestion. A grep feature is on our wish list, but the current version can only search a single file at a time in the Text Compare.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        UltraEdit is my favorite utility for that type of need. It has a great "Find In Files" feature that displays a list of the found text in context. As you review the list of finds, clicking on any of them will open the file with the found text at the place where the text exists in the file. Very useful. Your find criteria can also be a regular expression (RegEx).
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          yes, please, this feature would be exactly what i am looking for!

          Local BC-evangelist since 2003 :-)


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            Why not just try out UltraEdit. That way you have the functionality that you want right away instead of having to wait for a wishlist item in BC3 that may never be implemented. I would never expect Find in Files functionality in BC3 to be quite as feature rich as it exists in UltraEdit. A BC3 implementation would be geared more to content filtering, and rightly so.

            UltraEdit and BC3 are two utilities that I would not want to live without. They both specialize in areas that the other utility does not. They are both invaluable in their own right. They complement each other rather well.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761