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    Just started using BC3 and the first thing I noticed was a change in behavior. As a long time user (4+ yrs) I find BC indispensible and use it on an almost daily basis. I'm always manually synching folders and have a long habit of using the Ctrl+R & Ctrl+L keys to copy files back and forth. When the confirm dialogs come up focus used to be (BC1, BC2) automatically placed on the Start (or OK) buttons so you could just tap the spacebar to initiate the copy. Now the focus ends up elsewhere on the dialog and I always have to reach for the mouse as well as figure out what happened when I tapped the spacebar and the copy didn't start. Usually, I've unchecked something.

    While on the surface it may seem a minor issue, for someone who's probably logged several thousand minutes (hundreds of hours in total?) over the years it seems huge to me.

    PLEASE, take a moment to set the dialog focus back to the Start/Ok/Continue buttons when they're displayed!

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    The Start button is the "default" button in the action dialogs, so you can simply press Enter to start the copy (or Esc to cancel). I believe this is the more correct behavior, and that keyboard focus is supposed to start at the "first" control in a dialog. BC2 wasn't consistent with this: Some of the action dialogs initialized focus on the Start button and others didn't. For example, the Copy to Folder dialog opened with focus on the path edit.
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