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Suggestion: Tab always shown as default

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  • Suggestion: Tab always shown as default

    it's wonderful that tabbed browsing is supported.

    since it's a new feature, sometimes i click on the "close window" when closing a "tab". just because before i open files to compare from tree, there is only one tab (folder comparing), thus tab bar is hidden. then i'm likely to cilick on the "close window" when i want to close the new popup file comparing tab.

    yeah i can make it always shown thru options - tabs- clear "hide tab bar if single tab", but i hope you can make it as default.

    consider ie7, firefox, they all show tab bar if single tab as default.

    BTW, when will other languages come out? i use simplified chinese.
    or do you need some one to translate it. i'm glad to do this.


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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We're working on translation into languages other than English, but I don't know when translated versions will be available.
    Chris K Scooter Software