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  • Versions 2 and 3 comparison

    I am a registered user of the previous version (2).
    When the new one has been relased I have been very curious how it looks and how it works as I love this software and I've thought of buying it at once.
    After downloading the new version (3.0.3) I have considered few things which are definitely better in my beloved 2.53.

    Very often I compare two folders. I guess I am not alone
    In the previous version, clean window has been shown with the progress and in the end- the state of the comparison.
    Now I have tried to compare folders and because there are a huge data inside, I decided to go for a walk. When I have returned, it has looked like everything has been finished but I haven't been sure as NOTHING has been shown-no window with the information or anything like that.

    Also previous version shows in the clean way in the pop-up window, what files differ during comparison-now nothing

    There are many other minor things which don't make new BC users life easier.

    I appreciate coders effort of this nice software but previous version has been definitely the top one-now it looks like they try to do something new with different approach to sell it.

    In my opinion-new version should have better (faster) engine, new features, etc. but it shouldn't change basic users habits.

    Well, the golden rule: if something work, don't change it.

    Sorry for some critical comments but as this software has been the best in its class, it should go in this way