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Can I eliminate harsh background color for comment block?

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  • Can I eliminate harsh background color for comment block?

    I'm using BC3.0.4 .

    Check the image below:

    Don't you think the comment block should display with normal background color?

    Actually, when I first got this view, I was quite confused why those lines with exact the same content are rendered in red background. If you kind BC developers can give a way to render those comment text in "comment color", most people will realize very soon what's going on.

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    Actually, we feel that any change that could affect the compiled binary should be flagged as an important difference (red). Clearly, commenting out a block of code could change behavior which is why you see the red. The technical reason is that we don't just compare the text, we also compare the element kind. If you only want to see the text differences, switch to the default format which doesn't have a grammar so all text is the same element kind.
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