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Suggestion: including gVIM like color schemes

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  • Suggestion: including gVIM like color schemes

    I use gvim for my editing needs...html, css, visual basic and python. I challenge anyone on the forum to find a better editing environment which offers such a rich array of color schemes to choose from when working and spending hours coding. I would love to see BC3 offer skinnable backgrounds like gvim so this way I can rest my eyes from seeing black text against blinding white backgrounds.

    If there is such an option to modify the background colors already...I would be too afraid to mess around with them for fear of losing the ability to see the comparisons the way the program is hard coded for. Having said this...I can see a real big advantage to having an option like a menu with a whole list of color schemes to try using instead of the default. Any thoughts on this?

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    Although the idea of color schemes has come up before, it really is not as difficult as you may think to play with the current color scheme:

    Tools \ Options \ Folder Views or File Views \ Display and/or Compare Colors

    You can Apply the changes without closing the Options dialog... so you can tweak and peek until you get it the way you like it. And the "Factory Defaults" button should alleviate any fears of screwing something up...
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761