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Windows Defender uses 100% CPU during BC startup

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  • Windows Defender uses 100% CPU during BC startup

    Windows Defender uses 100% CPU for about 15 seconds during/after BC3 startup. It's possible that this problem only started within the past couple of months (e.g. BC 3.0.4 or before) up to 3.0.7.

    I've verified that after this initial 15 seconds, Windows Defender uses no CPU and has no impact on the performance of BC3 while it remains running.

    In any case, I have a workaround (I exclude the BC installation folder from Windows Defender's scanning), but I wanted to document this problem.

    Currently reproducible with:
    BC 3.0.7 / WinXP Home sp3

    Windows Defender Version: 1.1.1593.0
    Engine Version: 1.1.3903.0
    Definition Version: 1.43.537.0
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