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BC3 Crashes Machine (Server)

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  • BC3 Crashes Machine (Server)


    I tryied a Folder Compare experiment on mail server where I wanted to keep a direct copy of the user files on an external disk. BC3 seemed to take over full control of the processor(s) and ultimately crash the server.

    Tried it with BC2 and it seems to work fine.

    Is there a way to throttle back BC3?

    The machine was an HP DL-380, Server 2003 R2, 4 GB memory.


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    How are you connecting to the mail server? FTP, SFTP, FTPS, network share? The various FTP flavors support throttling in the FTP profiles; network shares don't.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      I'm not really "connecting" to the server, I'm logged as a local admin.

      BC3 is installed on the server. I've also have an external USB drive attaced.

      BC3 is set up to compare the main mail data folder and a similar folder on the external drive. I just want to be able update an uncompressed copy of the the mail data. (This is in addition to the nightly backup.)

      BC2 seems to work, but BC3 crashes the server. (Win Server 2003 R2)

      Any thoughts?


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        Hi Pete,

        Do you get any error dialogs in BC when this happens? Do you see anything in the Windows Event Log about the crash?

        A user application shouldn't be able to completely crash a machine. If the whole machine is crashing, it might be that BC is aggrevating a bad driver. It might help to make sure all of the drivers for your computer are up to date.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          FWIW, I guess an alternative would be using MS' Robocopy with /MIR option?