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Minor first-time-use issue

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  • Minor first-time-use issue

    When I first started BC3, after the "import Cirrus settings" dialog I got to the Home screen. The form was not large enough to display everything -- the "Merge" box and button was only half on the screen. I was able to enlarge the dialog, and apparently the setting was saved -- when I restarted to see if it happened again, it came up at the size I had set.

    I think this might be due to my use of "large fonts". The dialog seems to have been smart enough to make the buttons large enough to hold the text; I would think that it could ensure that the default size (if there are no settings) is at least (height of status line) + (height of "merge" box) + (top of "merge box").

    But it's really not very important.

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    I believe the default window size is 85% of your monitor size. I'll look into having a minimum size, driven by your font scaling and the controls on the Home view.

    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by J. Merrill
      The form was not large enough to display everything
      You can also remove the buttons from the Home View.
      • Open the Tweaks dialog: Ctrl+Shift+T
      • On the General tab, uncheck: Home view includes "new session" buttons
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761