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  • Command line script for files

    I performed a search on "command line script" and couldn't find anything relevant. At the same time, my request is SO trivial, it's obviously doable, but I can't get it to work. My apologies if the answer is out there in front of my face.

    I want to be able to run a command line to compare 2 FILES (not folders) and produce a normal diff patch report. My script file is the following
    # Turn logging on
    log normal "h:\a_shb_rexxcode\Synclog.txt"
    #load "h:\mash\mfe\projects\iaib\L38B0500_before.txt" "h:\mash\mfe\projects\iaib\L38B0500_after.txt"
    file-report layout:patch options:ignore-unimportant,patch-standard &
                output-to:"h:\a_shb_rexxcode\BC_test_batch_report.txt" &
                          "h:\mash\mfe\projects\iaib\L38B0500_before.txt" &
    The commented LOAD line is because that didn't work (I'm assuming LOAD is only for folders).
    This is SO trivial, I'm obviously missing something - can you help ?
    The files L38B0500_xxxxx.txt are obviously the files to be compared.

    I should mention that the example above is based on my interpretation of the online help example
    Comparing two files by name

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    Your script should work without the load-command if you replace 'patch-standard' with 'patch-normal'.


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      Thanks Lutz

      That did the trick.


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        A follow-on question

        Is there a parameter I can specify to/in the example above so that the BC script window is never shown ????

        Okay - found it. The result I was after was
        bc2.exe @bc_script.txt /silent
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