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File format setting does not change file types in file open dialog

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  • File format setting does not change file types in file open dialog

    I started a new Text Compare session, and before loading any files changed the displayed "<default>" setting to "Registry Dumps". Now the "Open File" has only "All files (*.*)" -- shouldn't it have the setting from the Registry Dumps file format?

    Then, after loading a registry (.reg) file, I changed the "Detected (Registry Dumps)" setting to "Registry Dumps". When I click the Open File button, there are some not correct behaviors:

    (a) The "files of type" settings sent to the dialog were apparently "All files (*.*)" and "Reg files (*.reg)" -- in that order. In order to limit the display to registry files, I have to change the setting. "Reg files" should come first.

    (b) In the "file formats" settings for "Registry Dumps", the mask is set to "*.ini; *.reg" -- but those aren't reflected in what's sent to the "Open File" dialog. Neither changing that, nor adding a description, is reflected in what happens in the "Open File" dialog -- even tho I said yes to the "formats changed, reload?" dialog.

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    In Beyond Compare, the extension of the files you are opening determines the file format used for the comparison. If a file format lists *.reg as the file extension, then Beyond Compare will use that format for files that end in .reg. Selecting a file format first doesn't affect the mask in the open file dialog.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Chris View Post
      Selecting a file format first doesn't affect the mask in the open file dialog.
      That's apparent. My question is, why not? What's the value of being able to select the file format manually, if it doesn't control the Open File mask?

      Are you saying that if I set the format to (for example) Registry files, then open a file named myregistry.bak, that it will try to figure out what kind of file it is by looking at it, rather than assuming that I know what kind of file it is (or that I want BC to treat it as)?


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        I would not want BC3 to change associated file formats automatically on the fly just because I view a certain file with a different format. It could very well be that a user does not know what they are doing and end up corrupting their default file formats by accident.

        BC3 offers a "Compare In New View Using..." context menu item that allows you to override the default file format. IMO, permanent changes should only be applied from the "File Formats" manager (or via an import of alternate File Format settings). In other words, unless I am misinterpreting the comments in this thread, I believe that the current BC3 functionality is consistent with prior versions of Beyond Compare and should not change.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          I don't think J. Merrill is asking that file formats change. He's suggesting that the "Save As" and "Open File" dialogs' "Files of type" combobox include a set of masks that match the current file format list. Currently there are only two choices, "All files (*.*)" and the current file's specific extension (eg, "TXT files (*.txt)"). He's asking that there be a third option, selected by default, that would be match the currently loaded file format ("Registry Dumps (*.ini;*.reg)"). Seems likea reasonable idea to me.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Ah, thanks for the explanation. Yes, creating a format-specific mask during an open dialog would would be useful (especially when loading a new file into one side of an already open file compare).

            In addition, BC3 could use the selected options in Tools | Options | Backups to determine what type of backup extension to append to the format-specific mask.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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              Originally posted by Craig View Post
              Registry Dumps (*.ini;*.reg)
              Thanks for your correct interpretation and the +1 for my suggestion.

              I look forward to seeing the dialog message change to "*.reg;*.ini" (or just "*.reg") if I change the File Format setting from its current "*.ini;*.reg".

              Also, and quite important -- it should tell the dialog that "All Files (*.*)" is the secondary choice when I've changed the format. I don't want to be forced visit the "File Types" box every time I want to pick out a .reg file from a directory with many non-.reg files.