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  • Interview with Craig has a podcast interview with our own Craig Peterson. Craig talks about Delphi development and BC version 3. The interview also includes a coupon code for a 25% discount on BC3.

    Edit: The coupon code is no longer valid.
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    Tim T Scooter Software

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    Thanks for that link, the interview gave some interesting background information and a little multimedia impression about parts of the development team.
    I share the interviewers opinion that BC3 is a fantastic tool I almost couldn't live and work without



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      Congratulations to Scooter Software

      Craig's interview was certainly good "press" for the company. I can't tell you how amazed I am at how small the company is, and how big the software is.

      The number of industries in which BC could find widespread application is huge. I've used it for years and am always meeting non-programming people who could use this tool in their work -- publishers, editors, copywriters...

      The fact that the interface is so beautifully simple in design is a huge advantage when I try to introduce someone to BC. I wonder if there's a way to "get the word out" to a wider audience, because practically everyone I've shown it to was stupefied. Many of them had no idea that something like BC existed. I introduced a tech writer to BC a few years ago. I ran across her in an airport after not having seen her for six or seven years, and the first thing she did upon seeing me was to thank me again for telling her about BC.

      Your software makes a powerful impression upon the people who need it.
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        Not fair! I just listened to the entire interview to get the coupon code, and it is not a valid code - perhaps expired because this is an old post. Still, not fair!

        The interview was okay, but a bit over my experience level. Still, this is a good product, and I'll probably buy it - but I'm really going to be mad if I find a valid coupon code later.


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          The web site posting for the podcast does state that the coupon code is only valid through the end of October.
          Chris K Scooter Software