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  • problem with workspace

    OK: If bc3 is running and you chose "session > load workspace" bc3 is restarted

    Not OK: If two instances of bc3 is running and you chose "session > load workspace" in one of the instance both are closed before opening one new instance
    i.e. it is not possible to have two work spaces open at the same time

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    Actually, the issue is that you aren't getting two instances of BC. When you run BC from a shortcut and an instance is already running, the new instance asks the first instance to open a new top-level window and then terminates itself.

    When you load a workspace, all of the existing windows (in that instance) are closed. This is by design, so that a workspace configuration can include multiple windows as well as tabs on windows.

    If you were to add the /solo switch to the program shortcut, then it would run a new instance and you'd be able to load workspaces independently.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      restore multiple workspaces (3.0.15 Win)

      I've just encountered this using 3.0.15 on Windows. I use the default program shortcut as created by the installer (no /solo).

      I had started BC3 and set up some tabs; then used Session->New Window to create another grouping of tabs. My perception at this point is that BC is window-oriented; the tabs within a window are 'together' and associated with that window; separate windows appear to be distinct from each other (including separate task bar entries). If I investigate more deeply, I can see from Process Explorer that I only have one BC process running, as Tim mentions. However, all typical external appearances give the impression of separateness at a window level.

      I did a Save Workspace in each window, expecting that I could restore each saved workspace back into the separate windows I'd had before. I see what jho1965dk saw and Tim describes; all currently-open tabs/windows are closed and only one window w/restored tabs remains.

      Looking at BCPreferences.xml it seems saved workspaces did not save across window boundaries; I have two workspaces each with only the visible window's info, but not the other. This doesn't match what Tim describes, where "a workspace configuration can include multiple windows as well as tabs on windows".

      There was no checkbox or other way to specify that I want to save all existing windows to my workspace.

      I'm resisting adding /solo to my shortcut. If it's required for proper operation of workspaces then the installer should add that to my command line when the shortcut is created.



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        A workspace should contain all open Windows, and the open tabs in those windows. Loading your workspace should open all Windows and restore all tabs.

        An Instance in this case does not equal a Window. An Instance is how many BCompare.exe processes are running. One process can contain many windows, and each window many tabs.

        The solo command will force new Processes, and keep them separate. The BCPreferences workspace should have restored both windows, unless you resaved the same workspace name and had closed one of the windows previously (resaving a 1 window worksapce over the initial 2 window workspace).

        Please try retesting by launching BC3, opening two tabs, opening another window and multiple tabs, and then Saving Workspace. Close down BC, reopen it, and then Load Workspace.

        Make sure you do not have the Save Workspace on Exit or Load Workspace on Start options set for the same Workspace you are testing with.

        Let us know if you are still running into any trouble.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I can't explain what's changed on my system, but saving the workspace now correctly writes both windows to the entry in BCPreferences, and loading the workspace restores both windows and all their tabs. It works just as you describe and as I'd expect.

          I don't use /solo, so I've only ever had one process running.
          I don't use the Save on Exit or Load on Start features.
          Before my last post, I had two BC windows active. With one window active, saved to workspace named "temp". Then I made the other window active and reran save workspace to "temp2". No reuse of workspace names, no closing windows in between.

          And now I can't recreate it. Thanks for taking the time, Aaron.