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    I have a problem with NT FTP server I access using BC3.
    BC3 asks me the username/password every time I open it for the NT FTP server even after I instructed it to save password. However it retains the info for that session. Is there something I can do about it. The credentials I use for example are -
    Username: domain1/user1 [as the access is provided under domain1 so username must be <domain>/<nt-user>]
    Password: password

    Please sort out. Following might be helpful -
    . I don't recall fully but this was not the case with BC2.
    . There's no such problem with Unix hosts.
    . I even tried logging using domain1\user1 [Backslash in place of forward slash] but it doesn't help the situation.
    . The FTP mode is passive (which I kept as default for all)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Update your session so the saved path is in the form ftp://user@host/. You probably have it saved as just ftp://host/, which BC interprets as requesting anonymous access. Changing the username in response to an "Invalid Login" dialog doesn't update any saved sessions you have, which is something we're going to look into.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      I see that I already have the session saved as ftp://domain1/user1@FTPSITE. Also it doesn't say Invalid Login instead it prompts for username password afresh (values blank). Any more suggestions?


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        Are the edits for both username and password editable, and if so, are you sure you're using BC3? BC3 only has one dialog like that, and either the username is read-only, or it says "Invalid Login" in red at the top.
        Zoë P Scooter Software