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Differences BC2 & BC3

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  • Differences BC2 & BC3

    Not sure where to put this, so I'll append it here. Please feel free to move it. I have downloaded the trial version of BC3 so as to be able to compare the results with those of BC2. I am using BC2 to produce patch reports which I then "analyze" and build a horizontal difference layout in Excel.

    First of all, the differences shown in BC3 certainly seem MUCH more logical than those in BC2.

    One problem I'm having (user error ?) is creating a text compare report in BC3 that has the same "layout" as BC2. This layout is crucial to me as the basis for my analysis for loading into Excel. I include the source files and the compare reports for BC2 & 3. Would be grateful for any suggestions on making BC3's report similar to BC2's. This was an "error" on my part, inasmuch as I had the report file open in excel at the same time, so thought the data I expected to see was never gettnig written. Should I have received an error message from BC that the file was busy elsewhere ?
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    Can't seem to be able to attach any more files

    Will send them offline to you Craig