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  • No "copy line" in toolbar

    I recently switched from BC2 to BC3. When I started using Beyond Compare to merge some changes between two projects, I found that the copy to left/right buttons on the toolbar were now full copies of the modified block, instead of the copy line functionality they had in BC2. When I tried to configure the toolbar to add the copy line to right/left buttons, I found that this was not possible. These commands are only available through the menu and through shortcut key combinations.

    I have to be very careful when merging between different projects or project builds, so I really prefer to use copy line commands. I do not want to learn key combinations for all kind of different applications, and working through the menu is rather cumbersome. Is it possible to make the copy line commands available again on the toolbar (preferrably with different color arrow icons to prevent mistakes) ?

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    Also, when trying the ctrl+shift+R shortcut, I found it only works on the current line, not on all selected lines. This behaviour is different from the original copy line commands in BC2, and also from the current indent commands in BC3.


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      If you mark some text the copy arrow will change from yellow to green and copy the marked text

      you may mark hole lines clicking in the grey area at the front of the line (the area that can also contain line numbers if turned on)

      if the line comparition is shown at the button of the screen you can also use the green arrows there for copying a single line


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        You can press F2 to turn off full-edit mode. When full edit mode is turned off, pressing the spacebar will select the current line, and you'll have a button on the toolbar to copy it to the other side.
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          OK, I see it is more flexible than I thought. It just takes getting used to if you're used to an older version that works different. Thanx


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            For different Keyboard commands, I would recommend launching into a Text Compare, then searching on the word "right" in the Tools menu -> Customize commands.

            We have Copy Right, Copy Line to Right, and Copy entire file to Right.

            Selecting text and then using the green selection arrow that appears will also copy the selection.

            There are a few more ways as well. Let us know if you have any questions.
            Aaron P Scooter Software